I am Stine.

I’m a 31yo F, transplanted from NYC to Saint Louis. I absolutely love the fashion, originality, and self expression of New York, but I love the passion and the indulgence of hobbies I found in Saint Louis.

The lower cost of living has led to an abundance of hobbies in Saint Louis that I can’t say I’ve encountered in any other city. There are gamers, robotics specialists, costume specialists, dancers, singers. I mean, people buy freaking warehouses and turn THEM INTO MUSEUMS here! (City Museum. Seriously, look it up.) It’s incredible, inspiring and absolutely lovely.

I’ve also indulged in my hobbies here – fostering lovely but homeless dogs, sewing 18th century costumes, playing tabletop games (both 40k and board games), designing and sewing screen/miniature/imagination-accurate costumes, and who knows what else. I love learning and collecting new skills, and I hope to share everything here.

After all, hand over heart, I believe that the point of life is to maximize your skill points and find an awesome team to play and travel with.

Keep on arting.



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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello Christine! I realize this comment is likely very late, but having just watched you participate in the panel on inclusion in costuming, I have to say that you are one of the costumers I’ve most admired. I thoroughly enjoy your incredible attention to detail and authenticity. It’s not hyperbole to say your creations are stunning and jaw-dropping! Your enthusiasm also shines throughout. Brava and cheers from a fellow historical costumer!!


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